Class Schedule CURRENTUPCOMINGMonday 7/27/1510am-11:00am Vinyasa Express / Rachel Page (60 min)12pm-1:15pm Power Flow / Jenny Bloom (75 min) Tuesday 7/28/1512:30pm-1:45pm Open Flow / Laura Calhoun (75 min)2pm-3:15pm Pilates Yoga Fusion / Molly Phelps (75 min) Wednesday 7/29/1512pm-1:15pm Move Into Meditation / Tina Ta (75 min)2pm-3:15pm Open Flow / Konstantina Kara Thursday 7/30/1512pm-1:30 PM Kundalini / Felix Gosse (90 min) Friday 7/31/1512pm-1:30 PM  Kundalini / Lino (90 min) Saturday 8/1/1512pm-1:30pm Move Into Meditation / Staff (90 min) Sunday 8/2/1512pm-1:30pm Flow & Restore / Staff (90 min)Monday 8/3/1510am-11:00am Vinyasa Express / Rachel Page (60 min)12pm-1:15pm Power Flow / Tina Ta (75 min) Tuesday 8/4/1512:30pm-1:45pm Open Flow / Laura Calhoun (75 min)2pm-3:15pm Pilates Yoga Fusion / Molly Phelps (75 min) Wednesday 8/5/1512pm-1:15pm Move Into Meditation / Tina Ta (75 min)2pm-3:15pm Open Flow / Konstantina Kara Thursday 8/6/1512pm-1:30 PM Kundalini / Felix Gosse (90 min) Friday 8/7/1512pm-1:30 PM  Kundalini / Lino (90 min) Saturday 8/8/1512pm-1:30pm Move Into Meditation / Staff (90 min) Sunday 8/9/1512pm-1:30pm Flow & Restore / Staff (90 min)

Class Descriptions Kundalini YogaKundalini Yoga is a quick, effective and comprehensive practice for the body, mind and soul. It is especially designed for the householder. Each class includes a pranayama (breathing exercise), asanas (body postures), kriyas (cleansing techniques), meditation and deep relaxation. This ancient practice helps to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system, focus the mind and bring overall health wellness to the practitioner.*Open to all levels FlowVinyasa means to move on the breath. To flow is to move in a continuous graceful motion from one pose to the next. A flow class is sequenced to partner the mind, the body, and the breath to bring one into the conscious awareness of the self. Mindful Slow FlowThis is an open level flow-based asana class, with Kriya techniques for moving inwards and balancing the inner and outer body. Curated for the students in the class, we will work on opening up the physical body, getting the energy or Prana going, getting the juices flowing, and using that activation to open deeper, learn ourselves, and move beyond the mind. There will definitely be sweat and challenge, but this class can also be seen as an intro to meditation for those who like to move.*With hands on physical and energetic adjustments.*Open to all levels Power FlowPrana, a more in depth view of the breath, is the flow of life, the energetic life force that drives and inspires us.  In this power flow class, students will be pushed out of their comfort zones and learn to tap into this life force to help them move and flow and build strength and stamina in the physical body. In turn, they will learn to harness this energy in a more subtle sense in order to control the mind and build strength in the mental and energetic body as well. Be ready to sweat and learn to blur the lines of where you think your edge begins and where it ends.*Prior yoga experience recommended Open FlowA well rounded class for the beginner to the advanced practitioner who wants to move to an energetically charged class and get more in depth into the practice of their own yoga. In this open flow class, students will flow between poses as well as hold poses. Modifications and variations are offered to students depending on the students’ levels and desired intensity. We recognize all students are different and everyone’s practice varies. Come to this open class with an open mind and let your practice flow from your heart.*Open for all levels Flow And restoreThis is a flow class where students will move and open up energetic channels in their body.  Class will end with 30 minutes of restorative poses.  Restorative yoga is where students are supported with props into the most comfortable, relaxed positions in order to allow the body’s natural response system to kick in and restore oneself to homeostasis. This class is all about opening and allowing the body to heal itself. As our spirits navigate this life, we inflict harm and stress on the mind and body. This class is for those who love and value the inner gods and goddesses in the self.  It’s for those who believe that they deserve 75 minutes of bliss, and are ready to honor the temple of the self.*Open to all levels and people who are ready to honor their temple Yin-YangYin is a practice where we are targeting the deeper connective tissues where the nadis, also called meridians, are situated. It is a slow, soft practice improving flexibility especially in the joints and the connective tissues. This is not like fast repetitive movement, but rather slowly changes when a gentle stress is maintained for a longer time. Yin yields us an experience of inner-calm, balance, and self-reflection.There are 4 important guidelines: move with softness, find your edge, be still, and hold the pose for a time. Yin Yang is a balance of passive and active asanas, pranayama practices designed to open the channels of energy in the body and stimulate healing and relaxation. It is a meditative practice where we learn to cultivate inner stillness.*Open to all levels Moving into MeditationIt is all about the breath! This is a mindful practice, which coordinates flowing movement, like moving though water, and strong grounding asana with deep rhythmic breathing. We will move into a calm meditative state of mind. Learn to tune in to your perceptive awareness of alignment; finding, feeling and moving your lines of energies, these are energy pathways found by the ancient yogis that map our bodies. This class is about practicing the calm serenity of meditation. We are centering, moving into stillness.*Open to all levels Pilates yoga fusionA contemporary and yogic take on the pilates mat class, incorporating her knowledge of anatomy and movement therapy. She will not allow you to cheat your way toward injury! There is an emphasis on alignment, precision, posture, and injury prevention using the full range of pilates and yoga repertoires.*Open to all levels Vinyasa ExpressA one-hour creatively sequenced flow class, set to music, which incorporates breath, body and spirit.*With hands on physical and energetic adjustments.*Open to all levels MeditationMeditation is a mindfulness practice dating back thousands of years. There are many techniques available to develop mental focus and cultivate inner peace. We will provide techniques that can be used in a daily practice to create space in the mind. Some of the benefits are: decreased physical stress responses, improved immune response; increased empathy and cooperation with others; decreased self-criticism; presence of mind; increased self-awareness.*Open to all levels




Felix Gosse / Daleep / (415) 531-3893 Influenced by his grandmother on the AfroCuban spiritual traditions, Felix Gosse (Daleep Singh) has been inclined to spiritual pursuits for as long as he can remember. His official training began in 2005 when he became certified in the Perceptive Awareness... [More...]Technique® and received the First Degree Reiki attunement. After practicing his personal yoga for more than 20 years, he earned his first 200 hour Yoga Alliance (RYS) certification in 2011 from Kundalini Yoga East®. In 2013, he received the Second Degree Reiki attunement. In 2015 he received his next 200 hour Yoga Alliance (RYS) certification in Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga from Brenda Blanco Yoga®. Since then he has been enthusiastically sharing these ancient healing methods and techniques with the mission of bringing peace and tranquility to anyone in need. Felix teaches with an open heart and a burning desire to inspire kindness to all that crosses his path. He teaches with reverence to the lineage and legacy of all his mentors and teachers. He is available for adult and kids group and private yoga classes or workshops as well as healing sessions. His spare time is spent creating visual and graphic art, being with others and enjoying time with his fiancé Kevin and their furry and faithful companion, Ty.Jennifer Buckloh / Jaijot / (415) 531-3893 Kundalini Yoga found Jennifer during a time of great challenge and transition in her life. She is immensely grateful to Yogi Bhajan and these sacred teachings for lighting the way and empowering her to discover the Truth of herself. [More...]As a Kundalini Yoga teacher and healer, she’​s​honored to use her gifts of presence, intuition, curiosity, insight and compassion to assist you to bring forth your greatest potential. She is passionate about transformation, self-awareness and the expansion of consciousness. Jennifer’​s​training as an energy healer and her fine-tuned awareness of subtle energy informs her teaching and brings added depth to the energetic experience of her classes. Her classes use movement, breath, mantra and meditation to transform every level of your being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Laura / (917)601-5299 Yogi, Artist and Shiatsu Therapist, her practice draws from various lineages that complement and enrich each other. There are many roads leading to the Dao, why limit yourself, be open and forever curious.[More...] In our practice we are moving into stillness, it is all about the breath, let it guide you, to find your personal practice, be in the now, totally present, connect mind and body. Flow like water, it is what we are working towards. Her practice is vibrant and nurturing at the same time, generating active and harmonious energy flow, toning the muscles, increasing flexibility, finding balance and moving into our center. Laura moved from L.A. to Belem, at the nexus of the Amazon river, when she was a child. It was there at the age 18 that she first found her love for yoga, its philosophy and ancient texts. In 1988 she became a Graduate of the Shiatsu School of California, then continued her studies in Zen and Contemporary body work in Kyoto and Munich. In 2000 she returned to the U.S, and auspiciously found teachers like Qi Gong master Yan Fukui and amazing Yogis like: Erich Schiffmann, Paulie Zink, Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi and Elise Browning Miller. In 2013 she connected with the heart-centered teachings of Yogiraj Alan Finger and immersed herself in the 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at ISHTA yoga, a center for Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurvedic studies. She is still a continuing student of the ISHTA lineage Yogirag Alan Finger.Lino Caminha / Arjan

 Lino has a background in psychology, mythology, dramatic arts and movement techniques such as: Mime, Comedie dell'Art, dance-theater, Butoh, Suzuki, Laban Movement Analysis and Bioenergetic Therapy. Residing in New York City since 1994, [More...]he has been...
practicing Hatha and Kundalini yoga for 18 years, and since 2005 he has been teaching kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Also known by his spiritual name Arjan, he is a level two Kundalini yoga teacher specializing in mind, meditation; vitality, stress; relationships and life cycles. In his classes he provides a comfortable environment, effectively communicating with students, while enabling a thorough understanding of the important concepts of Kundalini yoga and meditation.
Molly / (646) 418-3717 As a young professional ballet dancer, Molly was taught Pilates as a way to keep herself conditioned whether she was injured or correcting muscular imbalances to achieve perfect form. Her knowledge is gleaned from a professional dance career and her...[More...]teaching expertise is crafted from over fifteen years of teaching Pilates and over a decade of personal Iyengar practice. Her holistic philosophy involves specific attention to detail and precision, each bespoken session hones in on the student's strengths and weaknesses by discovering the most efficient way to re-pattern their movement and encourage bodily awareness. From tri-athletes to high-powered businessmen to couch potatoes, Molly is kickass in challenging her students to reach their goals. She is influenced by a lifetime study of diverse movement, and strives to both teach and practice mindfulness.Rachel / (757) 651-4923 Rachel began studying Yoga in 2001 after returning from the Peace Corps in Africa. She quickly realized that the practice of meditation and Yoga holds the importance for her that the breath does for her body, and that sharing, teaching, and guiding others in...[More...]this practice is her life's work. With vinyasa classes that blend strength, flexibility and grace, her hope is that students will use this practice to uncover the peace within themselves. Rachel continues to deepen her own Yoga practice with master teachers in the Integral, Jivamukti and Kundalini traditions and her meditation practice with Theravadan Buddhist teachers in NYC and LA. She is certified in Hatha and Integral Yoga through Yoga Alliance and Thai Massage through ITM in Chiangmai, Thailand.tina / (626) 679-0171 Studied under the mentorship of Yogiraj Alan Finger and Jean Koerner at ISHTA Yoga NYC. She teaches yoga from the heart through Tantra Yoga sciences and yoga philosophy to assist students in their own yogic journey. Her class styles are vinyasa based with...[More...]emphasis on Hatha Yoga and inspired by Tantra Yoga. Incorporates the knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies to attune students to their own yoga whether moving from the outside in, inside out, from the ground up or the crown down. The student is the sun to his yoga universe, and her teachings are a conduit for this path. Tina's classes are well rounded with emphasis on healing the physical and energetic bodies. Through Yoga, she hopes to open people to their own power from within, guide them to the unbound potential of the mind, heart, and spirit.Jenny / (347) 971-062 Yoga has helped Jenny build focus, discipline, and compassion for herself and others. It has helped her to cultivate a relaxed way of living in New York City. As an Artist, Healer, and Entrepreneur she has investigated many different ways to connect with...[More...]unlimited potential, inspiration, life force and work-life balance. The path she found is with ISHTA Yoga, the yoga school and lineage founded by Mani and Alan Finger. ISHTA means the Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda; as well as comes from the Sanskrit term Ishta Devata which means your individual path to the Gods. ISHTA offers an individual approach to finding balance in your body and your life. It is not a one size fits all bandage to finding happiness and inner peace, though it does help to plant those seeds, and cultivate those qualities. This school of yoga empowers the individual to find her or his own path, by providing the tools in asana, pranayama, and very importantly Kriya techniques. Kriya Yoga is a yoga where visualizations and subtle sensation are used to move beyond the mind, and connect with the state of oneness, or as physicists call it, singularity. This is actually very simple to do, as the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga lay out the path. All that is required from the student is a willingness to try to do less, and feel more fully. She likes to laugh, and she also likes to inspire her students to reach for their highest potential, while embracing their strengths, and honoring their weaknesses. We are all capable of much much more than we can even imagine, and the path to that summit can be a joyful and loving journey. Om Shanti - Shanti - Shanthi Om. Peace with Self. Peace with Others. And Peace with Universal Forces.Konstantina Karask​ / ​(646) 266-9974 Konstantina gained the powerful tools of Hatha and Kriya yoga techniques while studying under Yogiraj Alan Finger in the ISHTA lineage. These are the sacred practices which  harness and direct energy in asana, pranayama, and meditation to balance the...[More...]body and soul. Her teachings are healing, sweet, and strengthening. With compassion and care, she individualizes the practice to the student in front of her, encouraging alignment while directing awareness to breath and body. In apprenticeship under Marco Rojas at ISHTA, she promotes tapas: the building of strength, stamina, and will. She believes that through fortitude and energetic balance, we can gain freedom in our bodies and hearts. Coming from a background as a healer, Konstantina sought to deepen her understanding of the human condition through the tools of yoga. She believes in a strong practicecomplemented by meditation and energy balancing, and incorporates that balance sweetly and compassionately into her classes. She hopes to share the gifts of breath and body awareness, anatomical alignment, stamina, and philosophy with her students so they may find an energetic homeostasis. She is 500 hour certified in the ISHTA lineage, studying Hatha, Kriya, and Ayurvedic techniques with Yogiraj Alan Finger, Marco Rojas, Mona Anand, Peter Ferko, and Sarah Finger.Mina Garcia / SAT NISHAN / (201) 401-2593 Mina has always been very intuitive, from feeling people’​s​energy to sensing the vibration of spaces. She was born in San Juan de los Lagos, in the state of Jalisco, a very  devotional town in central Mexico. Being born into an extremely spiritual environment...[More...]impacted her upbringing tremendously. Miracles were a day-to-day occurrence; traditions were strong, connections to inner worlds, mysticism and popular holistic knowledge common. With such exposure, Mina found herself on a spiritual path that led to the study of Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. She now devotes herself to share her gift and intuition with the souls she crosses paths with. Her style is soft and compassionate. Her healing modality encompasses meditation, crystals, chakra alignment and hand imposition to channel energy. Mina specializes in treating emotional and stress related ailments.Sarah Wagner / NAM DHARAM / (347) 633-1398 Sarah is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, writer, academic counselor, performer in dance, music, and theatre. After many years of studying various styles of yoga, she found her home within the transformational teachings of Kundalini, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.[More...]Practicing for over 5 years and teaching for the last 2 years. With a warm spirit and respect for the teachings, Sarah leads her students in experiencing a deeper awareness of themselves and their great potential.