We eat for energy, the invisible force all around us. We nourish our bodies with food, our body's main source of energy. At Naturees, we believe nourishment should be pure and we source all of our ingredients from the highest quality farmers and distributors. Visiting the facilities and farms is just one way we ensure the integrity of what we produce. Relentless quality control... Then we let nature do the rest.



Remember back when we wanted to know and explore everything? As children, we are stimulated by curiosity. As adults, we feel that you should never stop learning. At Naturees, we conduct education seminars on how to make more conscious choices for healthy living.



The Earth, when left undisturbed, blesses us with its beauty and perfection. At Naturees, we strive to create a serene environment in an urban setting, combining clean food and lifestyle, bringing us closer to the simplicity of nature. We invite you to our retreat, an escape from your daily routine.



Naturees has a variety of programs, including functional movement, yoga, pilates and more.



We all seek the opportunity to thrive and feel well. We created an environment where you are free to do exactly what you feel: move, shop, dance, stretch, eat or just rest and recharge. We invite you to join our community and let us become an important part of developing your wellness. We hope our efforts will help you accomplish what you seek.

21 East First Street New York, NY 100033


 Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm | Sunday 9am-9pm